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Nice things people have said...

For four years I was blessed to have only one customer, my good friend Nick...
Nick recently passed and I miss him dearly... He would have been proud to be
the first review on these pages... Thanks Nick, for everything...

   Mr. Les and I have had a long standing business relationship together. 
In my four years as Lead Bellman at the Town and Country Hotel,
Les has been my cab driver of choice.  I have been able to offer reliable, friendly,
and economical transportation to my guests during these four years due largely to
Les’ experience and professionalism. 
   Without a doubt, Les understands and fully commits to his occupation,
which is hard to come by these days.  He will remain my number one choice for all my guests. 
   Les has always projected a clean and safe operating vehicle for my guests. 
We have often joked about the pristine condition he keeps his vehicle in,
inside and out, cosmetically and mechanically. 
   In this business professional appearances are very important and Les has always
dressed in appropriate attire, courteous and respectful to all my guests. 
Countless times, I’ve had visitors thank me for his services.  Safe and reliable
transportation are assumed, but his experience allows him to interact with guests
much like a tour guide and a friend alike.
   In all honesty, I have not met a more fit driver in all my 18 years in the hotel business.

Nick Tehrani
The Town and Country Hotel

   Over the last five years I have been a doorman at the Manchester Grand Hyatt. 
   I have worked with Les extensively over those years and we have established a good relationship. 
   He handles Hyatt guests with promptness and professionalism. 
   On many occasions I have guests that come back and request Les.
Nels Robinson
Manchester Grand Hyatt

   I have used Les as my cab driver for years and have enjoyed his reliable friendly service. 
   I typically call on Les a few times a month. 
   Les has always proven to be on time and friendly with a clean cab. 
The excellent service Les provides always keeps me and my friends coming back.

Matthew Rains

   We have been loyal customers of Les.  We live in Bonita and enjoy going out to dinner
in the Gaslamp and Solana Beach.  We’d rather use Les then a limo driver.

Geoff and Debbie Janos

   I am a regular customer of Les.  He takes me to the airport about for to six times a month. 
He’s always on time.  I also use Les for personal trips around town from time to time.

                                                                             Dale De Raat
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